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Descriptive Paper


I've always wanted to go on a picnic beside the shinny blue lake of ghwan, and that dream came true. On a nice, crisp Tuesday, mom and granny finally decided to let us go on a picnic. Oh, the smells that came from the kitchen reminded me that picnics were good for any age. The people rushing around in our house also reminded me of the work it took to hold down the tablecloth. It's like a science itself!


As we were walking to the lake, a disaster happened that proved against the "picnics are for any age". I was holding the napkins, granny was holding most of the food, mom was carrying the plates and tablecloth, and my little sister was carrying the pie. At least the scrumptions cherry smells got to journey up our nose before...SPLAT! 'Careful little sister' tripped on a stone and fell, sending the pie three feet before it's hot, gooey surface spread out over a surface of five feet.