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OM Ideas


Blood Bank:


Theme: The Blood Bank is getting too much blood! They must find a more efficient way to draw/store blood.

Characters: Ashley Flores as the 2 people having their blood taken. Blake Benthall as the person drawing the blood, and Cora Durain as the wacky efficiency inspector and the weather person.

Rough Skit:

Part 1:

Ashley runs into the room as a kid (girl).

She overhears a conversation regarding too much blood at

this blood bank, that they will have to trash the extra blood

that they have some how. The girl (Ashley) walks in and

says, "I will give some blood!" then Blake says, "Sorry, no

children allowed......but we are allowed to give you blood!" so the child replies, "Ok, I need a science project anyway." So he runs out with two zip-locks of blood. (red food coloring)

Cora says, "Whew, Dr. Benthall, I'm glad you got rid of two bags of blood!"

"Yeah," Blake says, "but we still need another technique, other than giving kids science projects!"


Part 2:

Backdrop is turned around revealing a Texas weather map.

Cora walks out in a weather person looking costume. (clouds? Hee hee)

"Now the mosquitoes are moving southward over Paul Revere on their breeding route."

Cora goes back inside the backdrop thingamaboper and the backdrop is again turned around (Ashley and Blake are outside the backdrop) revealing the Blood Bank scene. Blake is seen with a adult patient in the chair. "I've got it! Yes indeed, I have it!" Blake says, then he asks Ashley to go outside (the window could show her with black dots) and the mosquitoes take her blood. Then Blake captures the mosquitoes and brings them inside the building. Then the mosquitoes are sent to the hospital to spit their blood into patients. (Ashley could be seen with thousands of mosquito bites)


End segment:

Cora runs in with thousands mosquitoes of attacking her. (black dots?) Then screams "GET THESE THINGS OFF OF ME!" and Blake captures the mosquitoes. "You've just been through our efficient new way of taking blood."

Then Ashley steps covered with bandages and she and Cora scream, "Well, its about time!"



The End