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Blood Bank


 THEME: Blood Bank workers are getting worn out drawing blood. They also have blood going bad before giving to patients in need of blood.

WEIGHT LIFTER: Hey Doc! That'll be $25 for installing the Mosquito Repeller.

[*** Should the installer give any warnings on the operation of this device? ***]

(DOCTOR hands the Weight Lifter the money)

NURSE: (talking in her sleep) NO-O! NO! Please! No more! Stay in line! One at a time, please! Yikes! Doctor, Doctor!


DOCTOR: (walks in) What's the matter? Are you feeling OK? Maybe I should give you a blood test.

NURSE: I've been working so hard that I'm counting SYRINGES instead of SHEEP!

[*** note: how can the nurse ignore the Doctor's last statement!? ***]


NURSE: We need a more efficient way of COLLECTING, STORING, AND DISTRIBUTING the blood, or, or, I think I'm going to burst my blood vessels!

[*** note: that last phrase doesn't seem to fit anymore ***]

DOCTOR: I've noticed that you have been worn out from having to take blood from so many people all day. The blood is ruining because you don't have time to stop and refrigerate it!

[*** note: in reality, blood ruins from too long on shelf -- not finding a patient ***]


NURSE: Now, let's open up the blood bank.

DOCTOR: I'm going to TYPE UP some BLOOD TYPES.

(DONOR walks in)

NURSE: Are you here to give blood?

DONOR: Of course, I'll give my royal blood to you , darling!

[*** note: what does being "royal" offer to this plot? ***]

(DOCTOR exits to change costume)

NURSE: While the doctor is out I will be taking your blood. I will need a copy of your driver's license for our files.

DONOR: MOI? Have a driver's license?!! You are greatly and gravely mistaken! George, bring the limo around and fetch your driver's license.

(Blake walks in as George, hands the princess his driver's license, and exits)

[*** note: why is his ID an acceptable substitute for her ID? ***]

NURSE: We can't except his driver's license!

DONOR: Do you take plastic?

(Ashley pulls things out of her purse)


(Ashley hands Jessie a __________ card)

DONOR: Please, hurry because. . . . . . . . . .

(Doctor walks in, interrupting donor by whispering to the nurse)

DOCTOR: There is a small problem , but. . . . . (interruption!)

DONOR: A problem? Is my makeup smeared?

DOCTOR: NO! NO! We just can't find your file.

DONOR: File? OH! I always carry my own. It's right here in my purse. ( Pulls out fingernail file and begins to file her nails)

(Blake walks out of room scratching and shaking his head)

DONOR: Please, make it quick! I must go before the MOSQUITOES come! I'm sure you've heard about them?

[*** note: what about the mosquito repeller?

And, WHY would they be headed HERE? ***]

NURSE: MOSQUITOES? What about them?

DONOR: You haven't heard? Well, my word! My royal advisor told me they were heading towards Paul Revere Middle School at , just about, NOW!

(Seth and Nathan put on wings)

He also said not to let them near my delicate skin. Besides, Darling, the cricket game begins in about an hour. Why I've even missed my tea time for it. So, I must leave soon!

[*** note: why is emphasis on the word "NOW"? ***]


(Blake walks in with needles)

Why are all these mosquitoes around? What about the mosquito repeller??

DOCTOR: Let me check the warranty.... Uh-oh! This is expired!!! Now all these mosquitoes will be bothering our customers!

NURSE: (excited) Wait a minute, Mosquitoes! Mosquitoes! That's it, Doctor! I know how we can draw, store and transport the blood better.

DOCTOR: ( starts to draw blood from Ashley) How?

NURSE: We can use mosquitoes!

[*** note: do you mean just ANY old mosquito? ***]

(Ashley faints in her chair)

NURSE: They are efficient because they stay on the ceiling until we need them, and then we can train them to fly to the hospital!

[*** note: Not the mosquitoes I've seen! In a previous version of this skit, training was mentioned, but now is omitted. Why? ***]

DOCTOR: I think it just might work. All we need is a mechanism to get the blood out of them. C'mon, Let's go get some mosquitoes and try them out!

(all exit for Dance)

MOSQUITOES: It's a beautiful day, I feel like dancing!

*** The Purpose of the Dance in this "blood efficiency" theme is to: _______________

*** The mosquitoes portray the following activities in the dance: __________________

(at end of Dance, Blake catches mosquitoes with a net and takes them off stage)

(Nurse and Doctor walk back in)

NURSE: Catching the mosquitoes was pretty successful, Doctor. Except for one thing. We can't get the mosquitoes to spit the blood into the people that need it.

[*** note: what was "successful"? Use a better word? ***]

DOCTOR: That's why I invented this blood pump! It's efficiently designed to use the wind from the window! It's at the hospital ready to be used on these mosquitoes.

[*** note: this answers the second question but not the first (i.e. "how get them to fly to hospital?" Why pump uses Wind power is not explained. ***]

NURSE: Wow! Great idea! Let's try it! Let's release the mosquitoes to go to the hospital. I know a patient there that needs blood.

[***note: Why would mosquitoes be willing to participate? What is their reward? How would the repeller affect this decision to stay around or go somewhere else? ***]

DOCTOR: Wait! Give them a map to the hospital!

[*** note: creativity opportunity... what does a mosquito map look like? ***]

(Nurse changes into patient costume)

(Doctor flips sign from "Blood Bank" to "Hospital")

(Doctor lifts up box to reveal the Balsa Creation Pump, and turns fan on)

[*** note: is "fan" supposed to be "wind" from window? Will the scene adequately give the audience that impression? ***]

DOCTOR: It even sorts out the different blood types.

[*** note: Doesn't any character have something clever to say about this? ***]

(holds up Slinky between pump and Mosquito)

(holds up Slinky between pump and Patient)

There now. Transaction complete.

[*** note: How can you close with a grander vision of this new technique? ***]

(Mosquitoes use Net to catch Doctor and drag him away)

MOSQUITO: I'm going to GET you for putting up that mosquito repeller. Attracted my uncle, now he doesn't want to come home!

[*** note: Which mosquito was the uncle? ***]

ALL: "Time"


El Fin







Questions to ponder:

  1. How do you want the dance of the mosquitoes to affect how the audience feels about those mosquitoes? (how effective is this intention?)
  2. What characteristics might the dancing mosquitoes have that are good for blood collection and/or blood-storing efficiency? How can you convey that idea to the audience?
  3. How can blood be tastefully presented? (can you apply a clever style to convey that it is blood, but not gory or upsetting?)
  4. What props have a unique "personality"? (extension to basic function)
  5. Are there any unique and creative materials used to convey an image or idea?
  6. Is "efficiency" evident in not-so-obvious ways in the script and/or props? (list them)
  7. Is a costume especially creative in a way that relates to the theme?
  8. Can the mosquito repeller play a more frequent role? What is being piled on top of it? When it breaks, what does that really mean, and which character should say something (and what)?
  9. These days, when people think of blood transfusions, they worry about getting the AIDS virus. How does skit this effectively avoid that depressing thought?


Identify Free Style element #1: ______________________

Identify Free Style element #2: ______________________

Describe how all 4 style categories tie together into a universal style that is evident throughout the skit and how it contributes to the solution and the "efficiency" theme: