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Blood Bank


Theme: The Blood Bank is taking too long to draw and store blood. By the time they store it, in most cases it's already ruined!


Rough Skit:

Part 1:

Blake and Cora are seen walking out of a conference.

"So, Dr. Benthall. I really think those new needles from stick-me-not inc. are pretty good, but not good enough."

Blake says, "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, so that's why I ordered a new, efficient blood transfer device!"

Then Blake and Cora walk into the blood bank.


Part 2:

Ashley walks in as a patient willing to give blood.

"I need to get my blood taken, but please be quick because I don't

want to be caught in the mosquitoes." Ashley says.

Cora says, "Wait a minute, mosquitoes?"

"Yeah! They are heading south over Paul Revere Middle School and should be here any time now!"

"Ok, I will be as quick as possible."

Blake comes running in from outside.

Then Cora says, "Blake, Please leave the door open."

"Are you crazy??? I almost got eaten up by all those mosquitoes, they could have taken all my-hey! good idea!" Blake Yells as he opens the door.

Here are some ways we could show mosquitoes flying in:

  1. We could have posts to wrap plastic around and a roof to cover the "Shelter", then Blow dust looking stuff (or dry ice) and Ashley could be heard screaming. (when fog is gone, Ashley would have red dots all over her.
  2. We could just show paper with black dots flying around the Blood Bank.
  3. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Let's just say we used idea 1.

Cora wraps the place while Blake puts down the

roof. Ashley is attacked by the mosquitoes and then the

mosquitoes leave (by using fans). Ashley Yells at Blake

and runs out of the room.

Blake and Cora talk about how successful that was, but

still, there was a problem. the patient was not happy, and

they couldn't figure

out how to get the

blood out of the

mosquitoes. So

Blake and Cora

decided to try to

train the


"Blake, Lets train the mosquitoes to do what we want! Then the mosquitoes we train will teach the others."


Part 3:

Blake is seen with a patient that needed blood saying, "fetch!" Then the mosquitoes went to Cora (dressed up as another patient) and took her blood. From there, the mosquitoes flew to a windmill looking pump that squeezed the blood out of them and pumped it into the patient.


The End Segment:

Blake looks at the patient who gave the blood and says, "well, how did you like our new, efficient way of doing things? "Well, its about TIME!"


(did that make sense at all???)


Obviously we need plenty more humor in this skit!

The Mosquito