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Blood Bank - Hopefully final draft

Typed by Blake Benthall



Theme: Blood bank's workers are getting worn out drawing blood. They also have blood ruining when the nurses are asleep. They need a new, efficient way to draw/store blood.


Rough Script:

Part 1:

Nurse is asleep in a chair, doing something between snoring and talking.

The nurse is drawing blood in her sleep.

Nurse wakes up and calls the doctor, "Whose blood is this, Dr. Benthall? Uh oh-"

Doctor walks in saying, "What's the matter, are you felling ok? It looks like I need to give you a blood test!"

Nurse says, "NO! I already took my own blood!"

"I've been working so hard that I'm counting syringes instead of sheep! We need a more efficient way of handling this, or I'm going to burst my blood vessels!" the nurse continued.

"Boy, that's Baaaaad!" the doctor concludes,

"I have noticed that you have been worn out with those new needles from Stick-Me-Not Inc.."

Doctor says, "_______________________________________________________________"

Nurse says very impressed, "Good Idea Doctor, now lets open the blood bank!"

Part 2:

Blood Donor walks in.

Nurse asks the blood donor, "Are you here to give blood?"

Donor replies, "Of course I'll give my royal blood to you, darling."

Doctor goes out of the room. (Blake quickly puts on cool London clothing)

Nurse says, "I will be taking your blood while he's gone."

Nurse says, "Oh, and by the way, I need your drivers license"

Donor says, "Mua, have a drivers license? You are greatly and gravely mistaken! George, fetch your drivers license!"

Blake walks in as George and hands the princess the card.

Blake walks out. (and changes into the doctor's uniform)

Blood Donor says, "Please hurry because-"

Blake interrupts her by walking into the room.

"There's a problem, but....let me go and prepare the syringes." The doctor says.

"What's wrong!? is my makeup smeared?" the donor asks, very alarmed.

"No, not that, we are having trouble finding your file."
"Oh," the princess says, "I have a file in my purse!" (she takes out a finger nail file)

Blake walks out of the room shaking his head.

"Anyway, I must go before the mosquitoes come, I'm sure you've heard about them?" donor says.

Nurse replies, "Mosquitoes? Tell me about them!"

Blood donor, "You haven't heard! My royal advisor told me they were coming to Paul Revere middle school at (performance time), he also said not to let them near me for my delicate skin. I need to go soon!"

Nurse says excitedly, "Mosquitoes, that's it, mosquitoes! Doctor, Doctor, I know how we can store the blood!"

Doctor comes in with needles asking, (as he draws the blood) "How?"

The Nurse proves, "We can use mosquitoes!" (Ashley faints) "They are efficient because they stay on the ceiling until we need them, and then when they get the blood they can just fly over to the hospital!"

"I think it just might work, all we need is a mechanism to get the blood out of them! C'mon, lets go get some and try them out!" the doctor says.

They prepare for the dance. (Blake spots the weights)

Part 3: The Dance

What the dance must cover:

  1. Capturing the mosquitoes
  2. The mosquitoes being let loose
  3. The mosquitoes drawing blood from Ashley.

Part 4:

The Nurse says, "That was pretty successful, Dr. Benthall; except for one thing. We can't get the mosquitoes to fly to the hospital, or get them to spit the blood into the people that need it!"

Blake says, "That's why I invented this" Blake shows the pump "new pump! It even sorts out the different blood types! And also, I thought up a new idea, lets train the mosquitoes to fly to the hospital!"

"Wow! Great idea! Lets start now!" says the nurse.

Blake and Cora walk out of the room.

End Segment:

To be decided Jan. 26 at aprox. 3:15 PM, 1999.























How are we going to paint our backdrop and what will it look like?