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Blake's Lego logo Page

The Lego homepage has games, Contests, and much more!

This page has Prewritten logo programs for the turtle. Coming in the summer: The Logo Washing machine.
Logo's Programing language

Bacic comands:
to [comand name] tells the computer how to do somthing that you type in the command window. put paremeters between: [comandname] and end.

talkto"X"..........gets ready to "talk" to a port (Where X is put the port # / letter)
on..........powers the port you got ready to talk to in the forward direction.
onforXX.........powers the port you got ready to talk to for the amount of Tenths of seconds you put in the XX.
off.......turns off port specified.
to ?........tells the computer how to do something. You can name
xxxxxxxxyour command any name by replacing the "?". Then, you can type in the command in
xxxxxxxx the command window for it to execute your program.

That covers the bacic commands! Here is how to save a Program:

nf"[filename]"........Where [filename] is, put what you want to call your program.

Prewritten "Turtle" programs

to tfd :time
talkto A,B
onfor :time
This simple program Should of come with your Disk for logo, it is very simple. This is all it does:
It turns both of your motors on forward for the amount of tenths of seconds you put after "tfd" in comand window. Simple!

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