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Blake's Joke Page!

Hello! Welcome to Blake's JOKE PAGE!!!!! Got a Joke???? Please Submit it to me!

Ok, here are some jokes that either I made up, I got, or someone submited to me:


Joke #1: How many salesmen does it take to change a lightbulb????

joke submited by Response-O-Matic


Joke #2: Catch me!


If you had java, than you could see this joke!

joke by Blake Benthall

Joke #3: Home, Home, Home!

There were three people in a car, (one driving) and the driver only liked to say "Home, Home, Home!", the first passenger only liked to say, "Fork and Knife!", and the second passenger only liked to say "Goody Goody Gumdrop!". Well, they were driving down the road and hit an old lady crossing the street. When a police officer got to the scene, he asked them "Where did you kill her?" (he must of had too many doughnuts) the driver said "Home, Home, Home! Home, Home, Home!" than the police officer asked "What did you kill her with?" (did we vote for an officer that can't see a car in front of him with a old lady underneath???) the second passenger said "Fork and Knife! Fork and Knife!" than the police officer, outraged, said "YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL!" and the second passenger said "Goody Goody Gumdrop!".

submitted by Cora Durain

Joke #4: Jokes Ahoy!

Blake, have fun with these jokes:

What are goosebumps for?
To keep geese from speeding!

Have you heard that the gene of shyness has been discovered???
It was hiding behind other genes!

Where does Johnson's Wax come from?
Johnson's Ear!

submitted by Peggy Beck

Joke #5: A Redneck Joke

If you want to see this joke, you have to first download it. Click here to do so.

  Step1: Download the movie.
  Step 2: Run the Movie
  Step 3: Don't Choke Laughing.
  Step 4: Come back to Blake's Joke page and have fun!


Joke #6: Pie Bill Gates!

Have you ever wished you were the one who creamed Bill Gates? Well, You can be now, with this program. No Offense is meant by this game

submited by "The Imposter"

Joke #7: Yet another Light bulb Joke

Rice Owl Asks: How many Light bulbs does it take to change an Aggie?
Aggie answers: Watt are you talking about?
TEA-SIP replies: You're reVOLTing! (we all know it doesn't take light bulbs to change an aggie, it takes heavy bulbs!)


joke submited by Larry Benthall


Joke #8: Chameleon Joke
Q: How many Chameleons does it take to change a light bulb?
A: How could you ever tell?


joke submited by my cat (ok, my dad made it up)


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