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The Taco Clan's



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Hey! Welcome to the Taco Clan's CYBERPAGE! Here you will find out how to join the clan, information about the clan, and where to get the best tacos on the planet, (look to the left and watch the video) Please check out the links below. Thanks for coming!


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 Unusefull Junk



Wanna join this clan? Go to the Taco Attack game, on jj2. Ask AlienTaco or FLAME if you can join the clan. They will be glad to help you. Thanks for your interest in the TACO CLAN!!!!

Taco Officials

Portrait of AlienTaco

President of Taco clan: AlienTaco

AlienTaco inspired FLAME to have the idea of a TACO CLAN!!!! Flame naturaly gave AlienTaco the privilage to be the President of the Taco Clan.

Portrait of

Founder and VP of Taco Clan: FLAME

Inspired by AlienTaco, FLAME was a key in generating the TACO CLAN. Since AlienTaco's name suited for the job, FLAME gave AlienTaco the task of Head Taco.


How to Join

Its kinda simple, just either ask AlienTaco in one of his games, (or FLAME) or just

click here and tell him your JJ2 name. Thanks!


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