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Welcome To Blake's Cheat Guide!

Welcome to my Cheat Guide! I am trying to get as many cheat pages as I can to show you.
I am Just starting out making this web page, so please help by sending
Cheat pages to:

Look at Yahoo or Infoseek for more cheat code pages.

Please visit yahoo or other search engines for more cheat codes (recomendation: type "Cheat Codes" in the search box). (I found most of these that way) Please remember to send any cheat code web pages to:

List of Cheat Pages:

2 Way Cheat Codes **

This is a very Basic Cheat page.

Cheat Code "BB" *

If you were looking for comments and Cheat codes
"Posted" by other people this would be a pretty good
place to look, but I would recommend others.

Out of order: The cheat.mine *****

This is The Best Cheat page[s] I know of.



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