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  Kitty Pictures


Neko is a lucky cat, he's praised by the Chinese,
for he means good luck, to them!


Here kitty kitty kitty kitty!


More Coming

Also coming soon: pictures of my cat, Molly!


Articles for this month:


Which kitten is












Everyone knows that a dog is man's best friend, but what about a cat??? I would say that a cat was my best friend. It's true!

Anyway, how do you pick a kitten out at the pet shop??? Well here are some things to consider:

  1. decide which type of cat is good for you, example: do you want a soft, lap cat, or a wirehair (not soft at all)? or, do you want a tabby, or a sphinx (barely has any hair)?
  2. Get a kitten with shots (less hastle). If I were picking, I would go to my "Encyclopedia of cat breeds" to find a prefect breed for me. (E-mail me if you want me to look a cat up for you)

Well, that is it for this month, but next month I will have a article on my favorite types of cats!


Photo Credit: PhotoDisk