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Beanie Baby Restaurant --- Menu:

Appetizer of the Day:

Awesome Possum (go ahead! paw some!)
Soup of the Day: Seedfood Gumbo (for Birds, mainly)
Vegetable of the Day: Up Above Potatoes from Down Under
Dessert of the Day: Oooey-Gooey-not-so-Chewy Cobbler
Special of the Day: All You Can Eat Filet Buffet

Instead of Non-smoking area, the Restaurant is divided into:

Carnivore Cafe Section: Elk (to die for) (skinning costs extra $10)
Vege-Table Section: Garden Salad ("hold the Salad, just give me the garden")

Specialties for:

House Cats: Moo-Goo-Guy Mouse
Alley Cats: Rat on a Stick
Bears: Campground Medley 5 miles Long, Doo-dah
Bats: Mesquite-Os (onion rings)
Raccoons: (garbage can is next to the kitchen)
Snakes: Eggs Been-in-a-ditch
Horses: Pancake Hay Stack
Squirrels: Pecan Someone Your Own Size!
Vultures: Road-Kill Stew (different selection daily!)
Ant Eaters: (check around the other's tables)
Lions: Splatter Platter Safari
Puffins: Grand Slam Clam
Dogs: Mauled-Toe Meal
Birds: Pepper-only Pizza

Blake Benthall - No, I'm NOT on the menu!

(since Sept. 14 1998)

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