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Multiplayer Maps

Hello! Welcome to Blake's Multiplayer map (for RA) webpage! Here is how you use this site:

First, download the ".zip" from my website. (you must have a unzip utility first to uncompress it)



Be sure to see if the map you are downloading is just meant for Aftermath! Also, all the maps below are nurples and some very hard if you don't know what you're doing! THIS IS NOT THE FINAL RELEASE OF THIS PAGE! More will be added as time passes.......


Then, move the ".zip" file to the red alert folder (westwood\red alert) and run it. It should uncompress itself and display its progress on the screen. If it shows a "Open With…" screen, then click "Other..." and select the directory and file of the unzip utility you have. Then it should work.


Third, Run Red Alert. Select multiplayer and click Skirmish. It should show all your Multiplayer Maps. The Downloaded maps should appear somewhere in the list.


Thank you!

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