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In The Spotlight today:

"RA has BUGS!"

Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but there are bugs in Red Alert! Here, chew on this:

If you have Counterstrike, (a Red Alert CD) look for the circular speaker on the upper right hand corner of the main screen. (after you have already started the game) Then hold down shift and click on it. Now it should start-up the ant mission.

I can't wait to hear all your "Giant Ant Tips"! (click here to send me a tip and I will publish it HERE!)

For Cheaters only: The Grenadier Bug!

Select a group of Grenadiers. (This usually works better in smaller Grenadier groups, so only select about six or seven) Hold down the CTRL key and target the ground some where in the group's range (Careful! Don't target an area too close or the Grenadiers will kill themselves!). You want to have all of them throwing the grenades in unison. Anyway, once you've got them doing that, hold down the CTRL key again and hold the cursor on the screen far out of the grenadiers' range. When you see them all pull their arms back, click on the desired target. The grenades will fly across the screen and hit wherever (or whatever) you targeted. With some practice, you'll have grenades flying everywhere! Also, you may click anywhere on the radar map for them to throw at (they are pretty strong!) They will even throw at a place you haven't discovered yet! WARNING! When you target using this bug, the Grenadier(s) will walk toward the targeted area after they throw their grenades. If you don't want this to happen, make sure you move them back to a safe place!

The Naval AND land unit bug:

Have you ever wished that you could have any of those stupid, slow, naval units (or land units) go Faster ? Well, then this is the bug for you!

Group a Land unit or Naval unit with a Mine layer (if land) or a Transport (if Naval). Then put them in a team and Formation. (Ctrl + # then F) Select them both, then click to their destination. Notice that they are going way over the speeding limit for that unit. (if you don't notice a change, try it on a MCV or Mad Tank)

The Two Hidden, but great AFTERMATH units:

Did you know there were two hidden Aftermath units? The helicarrier and the phase tank are the two "secret" units. I will soon have the file to get those units up on the net. Please forgive me for the inconvenience. If you want the phase tank, you can download In Line of Fire.


Please e-mail me if it worked!