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Welcome to my Favorite Links page!

These links are my Favorites, if you want your favorite on the list, E-mail me and I will put it on if I like it! ONE FAVORITE PER CUSTOMER!!!
Every graphic that is outlined blue or purple is a link that you can click on.

cat bar
Click on Neko (the kitty) to go to Gingevere's Place. This "place" has cats and other stuff.(like mine) Neko the cat @ Gingevere's Place

Cynthia Lanius' Home Page
This page has a Fractal geometry unit, Geometer's Sketchpad, and much more! Click here to go there.

Maxis Homepage

This page is more than just the Maxis homepage, you can buy, get demos, get tips, and much more!

Garfield online

At Garfield's Homepage there are:
Movies, Comic strips, and munch more!

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